Types of Truck Driving Jobs

If you’re looking for variety when it comes to specialized job types and titles, truck driving might be what you’ve been searching for. Some of the jobs will even require you to go for specialized training due to the complexity of the equipment involved. Other jobs require interest and willingness to learn and get the job done. I guess you’re now wondering what sort of truck driving jobs we are talking about here, and that is why we are going to check out some of the different options that are available in the United States and Canada.

Dry Van Drivers

His is what most truck drivers start off with, transporting large single trailers that are packed with goods. Depending on the employers, some require the drivers to unload the trucks, while others hire handymen or use machinery to do it.

Flat Bed Drivers

Flatbed truck drivers earn slightly more. The driver should know what they are carrying and ensure that they are secured well. Among the things that can be transported include vehicles, oversized freight, military vehicles, and oddly shaped goods.

Tanker Drivers

Tanker drivers are some of the most sought after drivers in the U.S. Most of the liquid being transported can be hazardous, such as petroleum products, or non-hazardous. This means that truck drivers have to be witty and know how to act quickly in case of emergencies.

Refrigerated Freight Drivers

This type of truck transport is for goods that need to be kept refrigerated at certain temperatures, such as medical goods, meats, foods, and even body parts or products. These type of truck drivers are also referred to as reefer drivers and it is their duty to ensure that the goods are kept at the right temperature while in transit. Having more responsibility, reefer drivers command higher pay most of the times, also depending on the employers.

Freight Haulers

Goods that aren’t covered under the dry van transportation, whether they are oversized, liquid, or hazardous, are transported by freight haulers.

LTL Freight Drivers

LTL (less than truckload) refers to transporting of smaller shipments, usually over shorter distances, and usually with several stops. The drivers usually unload their own trucks.

Local/ regional/ OTR Drivers

These are job titles that are dependent on how far one drives. Local driving is usually around the city, regional driving around the state, and OTR driving all over the country.


You can choose the type of truck driving you would like depending on your interests and ambition. Truck driving jobs are in high demand in the United States and you’ll never be short of work as long as you meet the requirements. They also pay very well, up to $80,000 per year for the more experienced drivers.

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